The House of Tormented Souls

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The House of Tormented Soulsby Louis E. Koury"A slow, steady rain began to fall. The hypnotic sound of the raindrops on the roof soon lulled Caleb to sleep. The temperature in the room began to drop, and it soon grew frigid. Caleb tossed in his sleep and began to shiver. Suddenly the covers of his book were yanked away by an invisible force. He woke up with a start and realized that he was freezing. He reached for the small lamp on the nightstand and turned on the light. The feeble beams barely penetrated the cavernous room, but it was bright enough for Caleb to realize that he could see his own breath as he exhaled. The sheet, blanket, and down comforter were piled in a heap on the floor at the foot of his bed. Suddenly the stillness of the night was filled with the eerie sound of whispering voices."Lou lives in Cohoes, N.Y. with his wife Carla and they have two adult children. Lou worked for the state Of New York for 33 years, and is a retired minister as well as a musician. Together with his wifeCarla, they have done volunteer ministry throughout the community ministering in nursing homes, correctional facilities, and assisted living  homes for the elderly. Lou served as an associate pastor in a  local church, and as a minister and counselor at a rescue mission. His accomplishments inclucde the publications of articles in magazines and the publication of two books; Eerie Tales Of Pine Bush, and The House Of Tormented Souls.

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