MBB: Ruth Ann Smalley signs and discusses her new book: Defender of Dirt


Ruth Ann Smalley is a children’s book author and educator living in Albany, New York.  Her picture book, Sheila Says We’re Weird, has been named an Honor Book by The Society of School Librarians International and Skipping Stones Magazine, and won a Moonbeam award for its light-hearted look at “green” family life.  Ruth Ann’s new middle-grades novel, Defender of Dirt, is a rollicking eco-adventure, complete with dive-bombing wrens, composting worms, endangered chickens, and several thousand waggle-dancing 


Rachel and Sam Remington’s family has just moved to a new town, just started homeschooling, and just met some unusual neighbors. The Remingtons soon find themselves in the middle of a neighborhood controversy. Their next door neighbors are practicing a form of gardening called “permaculture,” but a nosy family down the street is trying to make them stop. The shy narrator, Rachel, struggles to find her voice, while her little brother Sam plunges into the fray. Lots of laughter, spying, and surprising discoveries!



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Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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290 River Street
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