MBB: Lesley Kendall-Davies, illustrator, discusses and signs her book: Sammy and the Bully

Author - Connie Spanhake
Connie Spanhake is the author of Sammy and the Bully.  She has also created a skit for Sammy who comes into schools and teach students about bullying.  As a teacher, her books are written in a way that students can relate to.    She is also the author of Hermie’s Big Problem and The Code which are both digital books.  Connie currently lives in Conesville where she loves going for walks, spending time with her grandchildren, and raising chickens. 

Illustrator - Lesley Kendall-Davies
Canadian, Lesley Kendall- Davies, is the illustrator of 'Sammy and the Bully'. Lesley followed the passion of her artistic parents and her own love to design cards, illustrate and whatever art project comes her way. She also illustrated Connie Spanhake's children's book called 'Hermie's Big Problem' and is currently working on illustrating a 3rd children's book. Lesley lives in Jefferson with her husband Bob; enjoys being a new grandparent; works at the local school and has a love for God.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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