LBH: Janine De Tillio Cammarata signs and discusses The Puzzle Quest Series


Eleven-year-old Luke longs for an adventure to escape being sick in the hospital. As a medieval princess and her dragon come to life from his jigsaw puzzle, he doesn’t know what to believe. When she grants him and his little brother, Peter, a wish in exchange for help, they can’t afford to say no.

Peter would do anything to help his brother get better, including traveling to another world on a quest and recruiting their best friends, Mark and Rose. With time running out, they battle against evil not knowing if their wish will be granted. Any adventure has risks and a wish can have unwanted consequences. But when it comes to fighting for the ones they love, nothing will get in their way.


Saving Atlantis is the second book in The Puzzle Quests’ series of adventures that span across time and generations. 

Rose can’t imagine swimming in the state championships without her teammate Luke. It’s been two months since she had to say goodbye to him in the land of Dragonia, and Rose fears she has lost her connection to him. Before she loses all hope, Rose and her growing band of knights are summoned to Dragonia to fulfill a quest. They must work together to save the mermaid, Natalia, before her home in Atlantis is destroyed.  

This perilous adventure tests Rose’s courage and fighting skills as she is lulled by mystical sirens and attacked by unknown enemies. When Rose becomes impatient and attempts to save this fragile world on her own, her team is thrown into danger. The safety of Atlantis and her friendships are compromised. Will Rose see the value of working as a team before she is trapped in Dragonia forever?


Sketchy Dinosaurs is the third book in The Puzzle Quests’ series of adventures that span across time and generations. 

Believe in yourself. ages 8-12

Something lurks in 12-year-old Mark’s bedroom. When he sees what has hatched from the rock he took from Dino Island in the world of Dragonia, he knows he has set a dangerous string of events in motion. Although he is thrilled to be reunited with his best friend Luke, Mark’s effort to return this extinct creature ignites an old war between dragons and dinosaurs. Soon, however, Mark and the Dragonian Knights confront this world’s biggest threat—the malicious brothers Tim and Tam and their fierce army of prehistoric Quetz Fighters. Will Mark have the confidence to lead his team and bring this baby dinosaur back where it belongs before it’s too late for everyone?


In the exciting conclusion of The Puzzle Quests, ten-year-old Peter is lost in a sea of grief and must face his problems without big brother Luke to protect him. Troubles are brewing in this world and the next as he’s bullied at school and attacked by a cruel, treasure-hungry pirate. Yet the biggest storm on the horizon is the imminent destruction of the magical lands of Dragonia by a pair of power-mad, time-traveling twins.
Peter must use his wits and talents to battle Tam and Tim, who steal the Silver Sticks and plan to use their ancient magic to destroy all that matters to him. As he and his squad of Dragonian Knights launch their final quest, can Peter find the courage to stand up for himself, even if it means losing his big brother, Luke, forever?

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