BH: Linda Wagner signs and discusses, Rear-View Reflections on Radical Change, Saturday, June 1st at 3pm.


Linda Mary Wagner's compelling new memoir, "Rear-View Reflections," invites you on a remarkable journey through 50 years of pivotal social movements that have left an indelible mark on our world. This collection of essays, nonfiction stories, and poems, crafted between 1972 and 2022, delivers a powerful call for unity, urging us to prioritize climate action for the sake of today's children and the generations to come.

Intriguing and diverse, this book speaks to a wide audience, from young adults and working moms to grandparents, essay enthusiasts, political thinkers, progressive activists, and anyone deeply concerned about the urgent issue of climate change.

Structured into five sections, mirroring consecutive decades from 1970 onwards, "Rear-View Reflections" serves as a thought-provoking sequel to Linda's first book, "Unearthing the Ghosts: A Mystery Memoir." It begins with a succinct summary of the traumas explored in her initial work, offering a glimpse into the author's subsequent engagement with social and political movements that were once deemed revolutionary. These movements include feminism, labor organizing for writers, consumer advocacy, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, democracy, and the relentless fight against climate change.

Each section opens with a 10-15-page personal narrative, immersing readers in the social, political, and economic landscape of the respective decade. These introductory stories pave the way for a rich tapestry of essays, poems, journal entries, and stories penned during those transformative periods. Over five decades, this collection traces the evolution of a distinctive voice, from youthful enthusiasm to seasoned wisdom. Linda's writings illuminate how her life's challenges and her deep-rooted connections to these social movements propelled her towards personal growth, enabling her to surmount obstacles and contribute to the pursuit of a better world.

In the words of Bill McKibben, acclaimed author of "The End of Nature," "What a wonderful reminder that we can spend our lives working for the common good — and that that work will enrich our lives and our communities immeasurably!" Dive into "Rear-View Reflections" and embark on a transformative exploration of activism, history, and the enduring quest for positive change.

About the Author

Linda Mary Wagner, the author of "Rear-View Reflections on Radical Change: A Green Grandma's Memoir and Call for Climate Action" and "Unearthing the Ghosts: A Mystery Memoir," brings four decades of impactful leadership in local, state, and national nonprofit organizations. With an extensive background including roles at the Associated Press, Consumers Union/Consumer Reports, the NYS Association of County Health Officials, and the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, Linda has made a lasting mark.

In her earlier career, spanning from 1976 to 1990, she shone as a freelance journalist for NPR and numerous other esteemed print, radio, and TV news outlets. Linda holds an MPA from Columbia University's School of International Public Affairs and a BA from the University at Buffalo. With over 40 years of marriage and two grown children, she cherishes her role as Nana to five grandchildren. Linda resides in Albany, New York, proudly embracing the title of "Green Grandma for Climate Action Now.

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Saturday, June 1, 2024 - 3:00pm
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