BH: Eileen Clinton signs and discusses, What a Wonderful World, Saturday, March 9th at 3pm.


Reflections of Love, Loss, and Hope

I loved the book - from the title, What A Wonderful World, through the author’s journey of early stories of grief, life challenges, and the culmination of suggestions and creative options for those that grieve. The real-life examples and ideas presented are purely shared, helping the reader feel they are not alone in their grief. Each anecdote becomes a teaching tool as well. Eileen Clinton’s life story is compelling, heartfelt, and beautifully written. I recommend highly! —Linda Goldman

“Eileen Clinton’s book What a Wonderful World—Reflections on Love, Loss, and Hope is a wonderful reminder of the growth, however painful, that can be experienced as we suffer a loss.” —Kenneth J Doka, PhD

What a Wonderful World! Reflections of Love, Loss and Hope by Eileen A. Clinton is a celebration of life. While detailing loss, it is filled with hope. Recognizing that everyone will experience loss and honoring the unique way we mourn and find our way to continue is the backbone of this book. Eileen Clinton’s style is inviting and enhanced with poems she penned as she found her way to embrace life after her loss. Her background as the daughter of an undertaker, following in her father’s footsteps, then a career in hospice and teaching about grief make her uniquely qualified to tackle this topic. There are worksheets, tips on how to journal, suggestions on re-embracing life after loss. In short, it’s a thoughtful, empowering read—one I’ll be sharing with friends. —Benita Zahn, DPS, NBC-HWC

What a Wonderful World is a powerful book and a joy to read. I connected to my own untouched grief work with unresolved issues surrounding my parents’ death. Grief is a powerful emotion and people never really get over losing a loved-one, they just learn to cope. Eileen provides suggestions for healing and encourages the reader to find their own pathway to heal from their own personal loss. —David R. Penepent, PhD

Eileen A. Clinton, M.S. has a diverse background as a health educator, hospice bereavement specialist, and licensed funeral director. After years of supporting the bereaved in funeral service and hospice, Eileen co-founded the Bereavement Studies Program at Maria College in Albany, New York. For over 20 years, Eileen educated students on the subjects of death, dying, and bereavement. She has served on the faculty at Maria College, SUNY Canton, and been a lecturer for funeral directors in New York State. Since the beginning of her career in funeral service, Eileen has been passionate about supporting the bereaved and educating the public about the grief process. She believes in the power of telling one’s story to inspire others. Having experienced personal losses and overcoming her own challenges, Eileen communicates a message of hope and gratitude.

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Saturday, March 9, 2024 - 3:00pm
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The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza
1475 Western Ave
Albany, NY 12203
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