BH: Diya Abdo signs and discusses her book, AMERICAN REFUGE, on October 19th at 6 PM.

AMERICAN REFUGE: True Stories of the Refugee Experience is an intimate and eye-
opening book that explains exactly what it means to be a refugee in The United States. More
relevant than ever with the influx of refugees increasing daily across the globe, particularly
with the ongoing crisis in The Ukraine displacing countless people. They are seeking refuge
wherever they will be out of harm’s way.

Diya Abdo--daughter of refugees, U.S. immigrant, English professor, and activist—shares
the stories of seven refugees. Coming from around the world, they’re welcomed by Every Campus A Refuge
(ECAR), an organization Diya founded to leverage existing resources at colleges to provide temporary shelter to
refugee families.

The lives explored in AMERICAN REFUGE include the artist who, before he created the illustration on the
cover of this book, narrowly escaped two assassination attempts in Iraq and now works at Tyson cutting
We learn that these refugees from Burma, Burundi, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, and Uganda lived in homes they
loved, left against their will, moved to countries without access or rights, and were among the 1% of the lucky
few to resettle after a long wait, almost certain never to return to the homes they never wanted to leave. We
learn that anybody, at any time, can become a refugee.



Diya Abdo is the first daughter and granddaughter of Palestinian refugees born
in their country of displacement, Jordan. A graduate of Yarmouk University,
she earned master's and doctorate degrees from Drew University. She is a full
professor in the English department of Guilford College, where she founded
the first chapter of Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR), which aims to host
global refugees. Diya is the recipient of several national community
engagement awards, including the 2021 J.M.K. Innovation Prize for her work with ECAR. She lives in
Greensboro, NC, with her partner, daughters, and cats.