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MBB: Book Fair to benefit the Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County

Book Fair to Benefit
Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County

Please shop on Sunday and 20% of your purchases will go to the Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County

MBB: Jim LaBate book signing

To Writers Everywhere:

Have you ever read a writing and grammar textbook? Most likely, you haven't. Or if you have, you probably read it only because some teacher forced you. With that in mind, I wrote the following essays in an attempt to teach writing and grammar in a nontraditional and nonthreatening way.

Writing Is Hard: A Collection of Over 100 Essays By Jim Labate Cover Image
ISBN: 9780966210033
Availability: Usually Ships in 4-7 Business Days
This book cannot be returned.
Published: Mohawk River Press - July 5th, 2018

MBB: Ryan Smithson book signing: 10 Klicks South of Whiskey

Pickpocketing is not honest, but it is lucrative. That is, until 17-year-old Charles Main gets caught, and the judge gives the vagrant a choice: go to prison or join the Army. In basic training, he is amazed (and confused) by all the people who actually volunteered to be here. But he soon befriends Carrie Borden, one of the first female cavalry scouts in the U.S. Army, who helps him understand what selfless really means. Deployed together in the fight against ISIS, their platoon quickly gains a reputation of mythological proportions.

MBB: Pat Devaney talks about the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

Pat Devaney will discuss his experiences on the Camino de Santiago in Europe. If you've considered doing this hike, or are the least bit curious, Pat is the the person to talk to. He has good and sound recommendations. You just might find yourself thinking differently about the Camino. You may be surprised to hear about the many ways to experience the Camino.

Pat will also be signing his book 2 Million Steps which recounts his travels along the Camino.

Two Million Steps: Band-Aids, Cocktails, and Finding Peace Along Spain's Camino de Santiago By Patrick Devaney Cover Image
ISBN: 9781974670819
Availability: Usually Ships in 4-7 Business Days
This book cannot be returned.
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - November 13th, 2017

MBB: Andy Rutherford, lutist

Andy Rutherford's lute playing is just the calm you need at the end of a wild week.
Come and give a listen.


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