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MBB: Halloween Special -- The House of Tormented Souls

"A slow, steady rain began to fall. The hypnotic sound of the raindrops on the roof soon lulled Caleb to sleep. The temperature in the room began to drop, and it soon grew frigid.

SKU: 9781935534679

MBB: Walk Up Gallery Window Artist: Armando Soto

Armando Soto is our featured artist for the month of October. The Walk Up Gallery Window is on the River Street side of the store and is viewable 24 hours a day. 

Artist's Statement

My paintings and drawings are inspired by the Tainos, the indigenous people of Puerto Rico, as well as by aspects of traditional Spanish folk art and African art. As a Nuyorican, I like to explore influences from the art, symbols and traditions of these aboriginal cultures through a contemporary viewpoint often relating to my own life experiences.

My work is a mixture of both traditional and contemporary religious, musical and literary freferences. With the use of bright colors and bold forms, I create a visually poetic world somewhere between the past and present, bound by powerful, metaphysical forces of belief and custom.

MBB: Michael John Fierro POSTPONED: TBA

Enter the world of numerology, the ancient science dating back to the time of Pythagoras and the ancient Sumerians. The numerical interpretation of names and birth dates offers a deep and insightful look into the wisdom, intelligence, talents and lessons written into your name. Michael John Fierro has been specializing in numerology since 1984. Through private client readings and detailed lectures on the subject, as well as numerous radio appearances, Michael has aided many on their quest for personal knowledge. Now through his new book, he introduces you to the art of numbers and provides you with the tools to interpret your own name, and those of the people around you.


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