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MBB: John Daubney will sign, Those Who Walk with Fire

John will sign from 11 to 1, with a brief talk at noon.

(Market Block Books is selling this book for $25.00)

MBB: Patricia Carley will sign her new book, Heart to Heart

Patricia Carley will sign her new book Heart to Heart: Our Journey as Mother and Son .

MBB: Ray Andrews, baroque guitarist

Ray Andrews has been delighting us once a month with his masterful guitar playing. He'll be in the store from 10:30 to 1:30. A free concert that should NOT be missed!

MBB: Glenn Kreisberg will be signing Lost Knowledge of the Ancients: A Graham Hancock Reader


Lost Knowledge of the Ancients: A Graham Hancock Reader By Glenn Kreisberg (Editor) Cover Image
By Glenn Kreisberg (Editor)
ISBN: 9781591431176
Published: Bear & Company - August 13th, 2010

This anthology presents alternative theories on history, the origins of civilization, ancient technology, and the nature of consciousness. Topics range from the effect of cosmic rays on human evolution to NASA's cover-up of ancient Martian civilizations.

“This incredible anthology introduces the revolutionary work of cutting-edge researchers who are currently defining a new view of not only the high level of science and technology in the remote past but also the relationship of humanity to cosmic cycles over vast expanses of time. Lost Knowledge of the Ancients may hold the key to our future.”
(Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., author of Voyages of the Pyramid Builders and Pyramid Quest )

“These accounts of ‘lost’ or anomalous knowledge are building blocks of an alternative universe, and, taken altogether, they reveal something of the deep structure of this alternative universe. They also show that this universe made up of anomalies may be more real than the everyday, commonsensical one!”
(Mark Booth, author of The Secret History of the World )


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