Hitler Avatara (Paperback)

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Truth suffers because of man's descent into godlessness. From age to age, man descends further, distancing himself ever more from God. It is therefore necessary for God to appear on earth, as Avatāra, to defend the interests of his adherents and the quality that remains on earth. God's descent to man is periodic; God's presence among those who uphold his tenets is eternal.

Truth reached a pinnacle in the life of Adolf Hitler. Faith in eternal Truth is the essence of Hitler's work; it is the bedrock of the future. Truth accords with Nature. Man's task is to uphold Nature's standard with all means necessary. This accordance with Nature lends substance to Hitler's work and gives it a timelessness that, if subverted, precipitates degeneracy.

Hitler and his creed were, are, and will continue to be demonized and persecuted - because they stand for the Divine Order of Nature. Today we see an inversion of natural values and the arrival of a usurping slave-morality - one that espouses the prevailing dogma of man's "innate dignity" and "equality," which are two of the principal tenets of modernity. The defenders of modernity want nothing more than to sow hatred and disparagement of Hitler and his legacy. They are doomed to fail.

Hitlerism rejects the "dignity" and "equality" dogma despite the consequences. The Hitlerist has no benefit of historical victory and armies of believers; he is the man of faith par excellence. He plans, waits, and creates the conditions for the restoration of Nature's divine order.

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