Daniel Fast: Why You Should Only Do It Once (Paperback)

Daniel Fast: Why You Should Only Do It Once By Gigi Carter, Sersie Blue Cover Image
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"This book provides a practical, scientific guide to healthy, whole person living, body, mind, and spirit." -Pastor Arnold and Susan Schnell

"This beautifully written guide puts its power in your hands." -Dr. Neal Barnard, MD

This Daniel Fast will empower you to refuse the king's diet. You will become a Daniel in your own life and a stronger, healthier version of yourself. Having your health means you can serve more, give more, and live out your calling with excellence by:

  • connecting your health to your divine purpose
  • eating like Daniel as a long-term lifestyle
  • understanding how food can harm and shorten your life or extend and improve the quality of your life
  • seeing your health as a spiritual practice, and
  • fueling your body with foods that strengthen your temple.
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ISBN: 9798887389561
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: September 8th, 2023
Pages: 328
Language: English