Lightbulb Moments With God!: Let The Light Dispel Your Darkness -- The Light is On! (Hardcover)

Lightbulb Moments With God!: Let The Light Dispel Your Darkness -- The Light is On! By Carol Cunningham Cover Image
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In "Lightbulb Moments with God," you will embark on a journey of divine illumination and insight as the author shares her intimate encounters with the Holy Spirit. It all began in the mundane moments of life-like a shower routine disrupted by a mysterious thought that led to a profound revelation. These "lightbulb moments" became the author's cherished times of communion with God, where spiritual truths, instructions, and encouragement were unveiled.

As the author reflects on her unique encounters, readers are invited into a sacred space where the divine shines a light on the ordinary, revealing extraordinary spiritual depth. With a blend of vulnerability and obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, the author takes us through the evolution of these personal revelations-from keeping them private to feeling the call to share these nuggets of hope with a broader audience.

The journey unfolds with a resounding call to trust, hearing the echoing of the words, "Trust Me." Stepping out of the familiar boat of comfort, the author navigates the challenges of faith, guided solely by God. Through trepidation and obedience, this book becomes not just a collection of personal experiences, but a source of inspiration, teaching, and encouragement for others.

"Lightbulb Moments with God" is a testament to the transformative power of faith, where seemingly ordinary moments become extraordinary encounters with the divine. Through these pages, discover the profound impact of trusting God and embracing the light that illuminates the path to spiritual understanding.

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ISBN: 9798869081414
Publisher: Carol Cunningham
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English