Home Security System DIY Wireless IoT Using ESP32 CAM and Android (Paperback)

Home Security System DIY Wireless IoT Using ESP32 CAM and Android By Robert Chin Cover Image
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This book shows you how you can save tons of money by building your own low cost, maximum privacy and maximum security professional quality wireless home security system from common off the shelf parts. You can monitor the home security system using your existing Android cell phone and existing home internet connection. You will save lots of money on the home security system hardware itself as well as enjoy free email alert notifications and/or low cost cell phone text message alert notifications depending on the monitoring options you choose. Easy to understand step by step instructions will be given so that the average non-technical person will be able to assemble and operate this home security system.
The main components of the security system are the ESP32 CAM, a motion sensor, an Android cell phone, and a home internet connection. In addition, custom software created by the author will be provided for the ESP32 and Android devices.

Security System Main Features:
* Live Real Time Local Video Monitoring using multiple ESP32 CAM units
* Free Email Notifications With Images Using Your Existing Home Internet Connection
* Low Cost Text Message Notifications Using Your Android Cell Phone
* Easy Hardware Assembly and Simple Software Setup Procedure
* Use your existing Android cell phone to control and monitor your alarm system
* Modular sensor system allows you to add up to 11 ESP32 CAM units with motion sensors to the security system.
* Maximum Security and Privacy

Security System Basic Operation:
1. Set up your security system for operation using your "Controller" cell phone.
2. Activate the security system using your "Controller" cell phone.
3. Receive emergency text alerts on your personal cell phone if the alarm has been tripped.
4. Receive emergency emails with images of people that have tripped the sensors in or outside of your home to an email address you designate.
5. If an intruder or other emergency is confirmed then call the police as needed.

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ISBN: 9798844360558
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 7th, 2022
Pages: 78
Language: English