Finding the True Message From Jesus (Paperback)

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Do you have a feeling of constantly living guilty or condemned? Here you will find a proven guide to access the reality you belong to once and for all. Just because at this moment you don't see a way doesn't mean that there is no way. You wouldn't be alive if there wasn't something amazing in store for you. Why do you think that those situations are trying to stop you? The reason is that you are a world changer, a history maker. Whether you decide to believe it or not, you are a healer at any level. You are only missing that crucial piece that will make this machinery start to work.Healing, promotion, the right people coming to your life. Today you will set new standards with the help of the gems contained in this book.Successful people devote at least 30 minutes a day to reading. If it works for them, it could work for you. We create our own realities of death, sickness, overweight issues, sorrow, trouble, addictions, bad relationships, and limitation of all sorts, and then think life into these realities. Something that will make you think is the fact that it is not you creating these adverse realities, but the people that brainwashed your mind with their ideas. It's no longer who you are but who you are. You may believe that you are the same since you were born, but far from it, you as an apparent individual have become a legion of people that are now part of you and influence every one of your decisions. Each one of them planted ideas, most of which you are not in agreement with, yet manipulates your decision-making process: the classic Inception; with the result that, however non-existent in themselves, to us, they become realities and throw their shadow across the path which would otherwise be bright with the many-colored beauties of innumerable flowers and the glory of the sunshine.This need not be. It is giving to the negative and affirmative force which does not belong to it. Consider what is meant by the negative. It is the absence of something. It is not-being and is the absence of all that constitutes being. Left to itself, it remains in its own nothingness, and it only assumes form and activity when we give these to it by our thought.This book is a compilation of wisdom in this field for the last 3 thousand years; a book full of gems that will guide you to reboot yourself so your goals will be achievable in a short period of time. Goals are not difficult to reach unless you convince yourself that they are difficult to reach. This book will show you how to create an unstoppable you to be prosperous, healthy, enjoy amazing relationships, leave behind any kind of addictions, become a blessing for others and change destructive paths once and for all. Diets are temporary bandaids. Upgrading your inner programming is a customized solution that will last for generations. Enjoy this book and enjoy your new journey.Living in the present is living in God, where we are limitless, healthy, and share His abundance. When we are tempted to live in the future, we face worries. When we are tempted to live in the past we face regrets. Living in the present is like Adam. The temptation to live in the past or the future is the serpent. If you fall into that temptation, you live Eva's destiny over and over again. The option of the future is there so we can set a goal that means a better life for us. The option of the past is there so we can learn and become a better self. Don't waste those tools available to you. More importantly, don't waste your "present."It's in the toughest times that we come with the greatest inventions. This is the best time to re-invent yourself.
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ISBN: 9798647729385
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 21st, 2020
Pages: 134
Language: English