Uncovering Greek Mythology: A Beginner's Guide into the World of Greek Gods and Goddesses (Ancient History #2) (Paperback)

Uncovering Greek Mythology: A Beginner's Guide into the World of Greek Gods and Goddesses (Ancient History #2) By Lucas Russo Cover Image
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Get to know the Greek gods and goddesses, from the mighty Zeus, to the temperamental Poseidon, the beautiful Aphrodite, and every character from A to Z.
Who were the Olympians, and where did they come from?
Why were the Titans overthrown?
How did these and other mythology tales shape Greek culture and civilization?
Scholars have long been fascinated by the Greeks, and even today we are entertained by the stories of their mythology and pantheon.
The Greeks developed an entire religion around powerful, vengeful gods, benevolent yet fierce goddesses, and bizarre couplings that created some of the strangest creatures in the world's mythologies.
Who wouldn't want to hear about Zeus and his command of lightning, Hades and how he found his bride, the wisdom of Athena, and so many other stories that capture the imagination.
These stories can do more than just entertain; they can also inspire and teach us lessons that were penned by the Greeks themselves.
Starting with the creation myth, this book will take you through the stories of the Titans, introduce the Olympians, bring in the demigods, and sneak a peek at the monsters that made up the mythology.
You'll learn who all the gods and goddesses were in relation to one another, mythological explanations for natural events, and why any of this still matters today.
In addition, you'll discover:
  • The names, powers, and significance of all the major Greek gods and goddesses
  • Rich stories based around the Greek pantheon
  • Moral lessons and cultural values important to the Greeks, preserved in their mythology
  • A brief history of Greek civilization and how they worshipped their gods and goddesses
  • Creatures of Greek mythology that still feature in modern tales today
And so much more Greek history
Up on Mount Olympus, along the shores of the Mediterranean, and deep in the Underworld, gods, goddesses, demigods, and creatures linger in the mind and stories of an ancient culture.
This culture gave us science, philosophy, and a rich mythology that never stops enticing us.
To appreciate the power of their stories for yourself and become absorbed in a world so like and yet unlike our own, click "add to cart."
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