The Secret Online Business: How to Start & Operate an Outsourcing Company from Home (Paperback)

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Not like all the other boring 'Start Your Own Business' books, "The Secret Online Business" reveals what very few other experienced business owners ever tell you; their own personal failures and successes, and real-world examples, not just concepts. If you are a new entrepreneur, or even an experienced small business owner needing more insight and profits, this is the read you need.

  • Discover Your Own Unique Blueprint for Success
  • Find the Right Industry for Massive Profits
  • Build a Sustainable and Enjoyable Business
  • Become a Leader in your Industry

As a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert for over 20 years, Christine M. Myers partnered with her husband in 2014 to increase the revenue of his 12-year-old commercial custom awning and shade company. Together they expanded his company across the Southeast Region of the U.S. in just one year. Christine can show you how easy it is to start your own outsourcing company by helping you understand the risk vs. reward formula in any industry you choose before opening the metaphorical doors.

  • Get started with Minimal Investment
  • Set up your office with just a computer, internet, & phone
  • Establish credibility in record time
  • Get expert tips on Website Content creation and SEO Optimization
  • Learn secret tips on Raising your Credit Score not found elsewhere
  • Develop a Research Method for huge success
  • Add Multiple Streams of Income for Growth and Profits
  • Negotiate Contracts Like a Pro
  • Increase Google Online Presence practically Overnight

The Perfect Storm for Success is NOW

  • Many industries are currently experiencing a paradigm shift. Younger generations are not continuing the heritage of their parents' businesses. This shift leaves many industries open for grabs to the hungry entrepreneur.
  • The worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 has changed the industry forever, such as low or no-contact client/business relations. You may never have to shake hands or even meet with a potential client or supplier
  • Another effect is the influx of independent contractors into various markets laid off from work in 2020. Many of them are new entrepreneurs with minimal marketing experience, but excellent labor skills.
  • And lastly, Big Corp. America has severely lowered the standard in customer satisfaction for the last 20 years. Think of the foreign customer service reps, numerous prompts on the phone line, enforcing autopay just to use their service, etc...

Can you see how these circumstances could be the perfect opportunity for you?

The successes and failures I share in this book can teach you to become a leader in your chosen industry while keeping overhead low and profits high. We HAD to make changes in our business to survive the economic ebbs and flows, and I can teach YOU beyond just surviving, but profoundly succeeding in any industry by following the guidelines of this book.

If you want to discover the SECRETS to starting and operating your own outsourcing company, then scroll up and CLICK the BUTTON NOW ... and change your life forever

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