The World's Greatest Sandboarding Destinations (Paperback)

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This book is a top 100 list of the best Sandboarding destinations compiled by the founder of the Sandboarding Nation blog, including surprising destinations and essential travel information for safety, budget, and planning.

Interest in the burgeoning sport of Sandboarding has increased within the last few years, thanks in no small part to passionate sportsman like Sandboarding Nation founder Jack Soley.

Soley encourages Sandboarders from all around the globe to seek new sands with The World's Greatest Sandboarding Destinations. Covering 100 of the world's best sands, rookies and veteran sand junkies can explore the world while indulging in this fast-paced sport. This broad list of top locations doesn't just stick to the expected-countries not often considered or known for the sport are also included, serving a surprise on almost every continent.

Soley's unique travel guide doesn't just focus on the sands. Vital information such as crime rates and healthcare for each country are covered, as well as the cost of living and quality of life indexes. Citizens of the UK, US, and Israel can also find visa information to be sure you can visit-and how-before making plans. Soley also cites sources for those looking to research their most desired destinations further

World's Greatest Sandboarding Destinations is also the perfect partner for Soley's essential guide to the sport, The Sandboarding Book. With this pair in your gear, sandboarders of all skill levels can safely and knowledgeably indulge in this intriguing sport.
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