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He loves me, he loves me not...


I love flowers. Being a botanist has always been my dream, but life got in the way-and, nowadays, I have a job at the flower shop near my crummy apartment. So that's something, right? Maybe it's not in the best neighborhood, but it's a bright spot in a dirty city, and at least there are usually cops around.

I've noticed one in particular lately, keeping an eye on the shop. Officer Mason Burns. I'm friendly enough-though I can't bring myself to trust anyone in a uniform after what happened to me a couple of years ago-and that ends up working in my favor when I'm attacked for the shop's deposit one night.

Burns comes to my rescue, arresting the would-be robber with the knife, and I'm super grateful for his help.

I'm a lot less grateful when I end up in handcuffs the next time we meet... or when he brings me home with him to be his prisoner.


On the surface, I'm a hero-but that's the surface. The truth is that I'm a bad man. A possessive man with my own sense of right and wrong, and of justice. I've never pretended to be anything else, either. I do what I want... take what I want... and they let me because I have a badge.

I also have handcuffs and a gun, but they're not my only weapons. When it comes to Angela Havers, my best one is a deceptively charming smile.

She thought I was going to save her. That's where she was wrong. My obsession with the sweet little florist might have saved me-but it will be her undoing.

Unless she gives in to me, body and soul. Because my angel is mine...

...and no one has to know.

** This is a dark romance-including stalking and captivity-and is written for adults. It has mature themes and language, and a hero who thinks he knows exactly what the heroine wants... and if she doesn't, she eventually will. There is also a HEA, though I do recommend readers check the 'look inside' for the foreword before committing to reading.

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ISBN: 9798218215415
Publisher: Carin Hart Books
Publication Date: May 20th, 2023
Pages: 268
Language: English