Partial Differential Equations (Paperback)

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Quite a number of phenomena in science and technology, industrial and/or agricultural production and transport, medical and/or biological flows and movements, social and/or economical developments, etc., depend on many variables, and are very much complicated. Although the detailed knowledge is accumulated in respective fields, it is meaningful to model and analyze the essential part of the phenomena in terms of smaller number of variables, which falls into partial differential equations. This book aims at providing students and researchers the basic ideas and the methods to solve problems in various fields. Particular attention is paid to bridge the gap between mathematics and the real world. To do this, we start from a simple system with intuitively understandable physical background, extract the essential part, formulate into mathematical tools, and then generalize for further application. Here logical thinking in depth and wide linking to various fields are sought to construct intellectual network.
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ISBN: 9789811271311
ISBN-10: 9811271313
Publisher: Co-Published with World Scientific
Publication Date: July 18th, 2023
Pages: 240
Language: English