The Inventions, Researches, and Writings of Nikola Tesla (Paperback)

The Inventions, Researches, and Writings of Nikola Tesla By Thomas Commerford Martin Cover Image
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Tesla is regarded as one of the top researchers and inventors in the field of electricity. There are 43 chapters in the book, the majority of which focus on various areas of research and discoveries by Tesla. The ideas and inventions are communicated in their unique ways, each of which establishes its position based on inherent value. Tesla advanced past his contemporaries to the next stage while also extending and revolutionizing the work of his predecessors. The book has historical relevance since it reveals the breadth of Tesla’ s early innovations in addition to demonstrating the depth of his thought and inventiveness.

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• An exhaustive collection of Tesla’ s ground-breaking endeavors, studies, and creations
• Filled with an amazing sense of possibilities
• Comprises Tesla’ s incredible research and writings
• Considered as the bible of every electrical engineer
• An insightful and fascinating read

About the Author

Thomas Commerford Martin (July 22, 1856– May 17, 1924) was an American electrical engineer and editor. Martin was born in Limehouse, England. His father worked with Lord Kelvin and other pioneers of submarine telegraph cables, and Martin worked on the cable-laying ship SS Great Eastern. Educated as a theological student, Martin travelled to the United States in 1877. He was associated with Thomas A. Edison in his work in 1877– 1879 and thereafter engaged in editorial work. From 1883 to 1909 he served as editor of the Electrical World, after 1909 was executive secretary of the National Electric Light Association, and in 1900– 1911 was a special agent of the United States Census Office. Martin lectured at the Royal Institution of Engineers, London, the Paris Socié té Internationale des Electriciens, the University of Nebraska, and Columbia University. He was a founding member of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and served as president in 1887– 1888.

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