The First Lady: An Erotic Adventure (Lesbian Bisexual Erotica) (Paperback)

The First Lady: An Erotic Adventure (Lesbian Bisexual Erotica) By Victoria Rush Cover Image
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Sometimes the most unexpected pleasures happen in the most unexpected places...

When Jade bumps into an incognito First Lady during a political convention in town, the two strike up a conversation in her local coffee shop. After the First Lady hears about Jade's attempt to support her husband's political campaign, she invites her to Washington to attend a gala event at the White House.

When the two women meet again at the gala, sparks begin to fly between them while they struggle to control their growing feelings for one another. During a break in the event, they excuse themselves from the proceedings and meet in the White House powder room, where they enjoy a brief but intense tryst.

The following day, the First Lady calls Jade at her hotel where they clandestinely meet up once again to have a sexy romp in her hotel room. But it's not until Liz invites Jade to spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom and the President catches them in the throes of passion that things begin to get really interesting...

Product Details
ISBN: 9781990118265
ISBN-10: 1990118267
Publisher: Victoria Rush
Publication Date: November 17th, 2020
Pages: 86
Language: English