ADHD Toolkit for Women (2 Books in 1): Workbook & Guide to Overcome ADHD Challenges and Win at Life (Women with ADHD 3) (Paperback)

ADHD Toolkit for Women (2 Books in 1): Workbook & Guide to Overcome ADHD Challenges and Win at Life (Women with ADHD 3) By Sarah Davis, Linda Hill Cover Image
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Women are just as likely as men to have ADHD. It makes it hard to focus, deliberate, and think clearly throughout the day. The cherry on top? The latest research suggests that occurrences of ADHD in women cause even greater emotional turmoil...

The good news is, with this breakthrough 2-in-1 ADHD workbook AND guide, you will be provided with an accurate roadmap to a more deliberate and focused life. One where your abilities can shine, and forward momentum can finally be achieved.

This offer includes two titles:

ADHD Workbook for Women

You'll also explore and master topics including:

✔️ Evidence-based techniques and exercises to build executive functioning skills that will help you organize, plan and complete daily tasks.

✔️ Strategies to help you overcome memory and focus issues that are related with ADHD.

✔️ Techniques and practices to let you manage emotions and regulate rejection sensitivity.

✔️ How to manage relationships with others who may not understand ADHD.

✔️ Cleaning and decluttering skills to help you preserve an organized home.

✔️ Life skills that will help you navigate through the challenges of ADHD.

✔️ And much, much more


Women with ADHD

You'll explore topics and master topics including:

✓ Signs and symptoms of ADHD that may have gone undetected.

✓ The role of Executive Function in the hyperactive mind.

✓ ADHD's effect on social dysfunction and anxiety.

✓ Step-By-Step methods to sort out your life by defining your target areas.

✓ Isolation and friendships for those with ADHD.

✓ Improving relationships and choosing romantic partners that complement your mind.

✓ Career paths vs. "pay the bills" jobs and the advantages of both.

✓ Becoming smart with your spending habits.

✓ And much more

Written by renowned women's mental health experts, Sarah Davis and Linda Hill, these guides are specifically tailored to address the struggle women face when dealing with ADHD in the world of today.

From learning 29 individual exercises that help you stay organized, conquer distraction, improve relationships, and manage emotions to learning how diet and hormonal cycles can affect your mental performance.

The truth is - you have an great amount of untapped potential. You just need help focusing your energy and optimizing your life to function through, and with, your ADHD. That's what this breakthrough workbook & guide is all about.

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