The ADHD Parenting Guide for Boys (Paperback)

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Are you raising a boy with ADHD who struggles to focus, follow rules, or regulate their emotions?

When disciplining them, do you often feel like you are talking to a brick wall, and no amount of yelling or pleading seems to change their behaviors?

The truth is that these symptoms are equally as frustrating for your child. What you often see as acting up is usually a cry for help. But since they haven't learned the proper self-regulation skills, they cannot respond to their needs in proactive ways.

Every child desires to learn socially acceptable behaviors, so they can have more positive interactions with others. However, due to impairments to vital areas of your child's brain, they get a slower start in life.

But a slow start does not disqualify them from the race

Hyperactivity and impulsivity can be disruptive when you don't have a strategy for channeling your child's enormous energy. What you need is a comprehensive guide filled with ADHD-friendly activities, stress management techniques, and positive parenting skills to decrease power struggles and improve cooperation.

The ADHD Parenting Guide for Boys is the parenting cheat code you have been searching for

Inside the book, you will find practical solutions geared toward boys aged 3-17. The chapters explore common challenges experienced as a result of living with ADHD and provide targeted strategies such as:

● identifying sensory triggers for oversensitive boys or determining the right amount of stimulation for sensory-seeking boys

● finding suitable self-soothing techniques that help your child deescalate strong urges and cope with big emotions

● developing social awareness by improving your child's social skills through effective communication and showing empathy

But that's not all. The final chapter includes a range of age-appropriate exercises to help your child practice some of the new skills you will introduce them to, such as how to create healthy habits, make wise decisions, or communicate their feelings using the DESO script.

Parenting is a journey that can feel deeply rewarding when you and your child get on the same page. The good news is that your child's learning and behavioral challenges no longer need to get in the way of building a strong relationship with them.

Purchase a copy of The ADHD Parenting Guide for Boys today and get inspired to parent differently

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