The ADHD Parenting Guide for Girls (Paperback)

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The cultural expectation for young girls is to be smart, sociable, and well-mannered. But what happens when they show symptoms of ADHD and experience social and learning challenges?

The answer is in The ADHD Parenting Guide for Girls.

When you think of ADHD, you immediately think of impulsivity and hyperactivity. Well, this is only one type of ADHD, which shows up more often in boys. The other, less talked-about classification is inattentive ADHD, which largely affects girls.

The purpose of this guide is to shed light on the "invisible" symptoms of ADHD affecting girls aged 3-17 and provide targeted coping strategies to help them manage their symptoms better.

Over the span of 10 chapters, you will gain a better understanding of how to relate to and empathize with their children and support them in the following areas:

Creating a structured environment consisting of set rules and routines to follow.

● Improving social skills helps build and maintain strong friendships.

Learning the art of self-monitoring to improve focus, monitor daydreaming, and practice mindful awareness.

Finally, caregivers will learn how to minimize undesirable behaviors using a positive parenting approach that can revolutionize the parent-child bond.

The challenges and opportunities of parenting girls with ADHD are completely different from those of parenting boys. This is why you need to adjust your parenting style to accommodate your child's needs.

Equip yourself with the proper skills and strategies to offer your daughter the best start in life.

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