True Crime Case Histories - Volume 10: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories of Murder, Deception, and Mayhem (Volume 10) (Paperback)

True Crime Case Histories - Volume 10: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories of Murder, Deception, and Mayhem (Volume 10) By Jason Neal Cover Image
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12 Disturbing True Crime Stories of Murder and Mayhem
Volume 10 of the True Crime Case Histories Series (2022)
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True crime is not for everyone. But chances are, if you've picked up this book, you already know that. Actual true crime is not like watching an episode of CSI. Even television true crime documentaries can skim over the sticky details. Real true crime can be unsettling for many people. However, I do my best not to leave out any details in my books. My intention isn't to shock but rather to give the reader a glimpse into the killer's mind. I don't begin to think that I can understand the mind of a diabolical monster, but I can guarantee that curiosity will keep us turning pages and endlessly searching for answers.

Each story in my books requires hours of tedious research. I search through court records, old newspaper articles, police records, autopsy reports, and first-hand accounts. Although I may occasionally change a character's name or fictionalize bits of dialogue, these crimes really happened to real people. Sadly, this is the world in which we live.

A sampling of the stories includes:

A Sad Holiday Season - In the north of England, a sixteen-year-old girl disappeared after Christmas shopping with her friend. A massive manhunt led police to a serial killer who lived just blocks away from her home.

Pretty in Pink - A teenage girl showed up at the door of a farmhouse bruised, bloody, and unable to remember how she got there. Investigators dug through the clues to uncover a bizarre love triangle and a gruesome murder.

A Perfect Holiday - After her partner is sent to prison for molesting her eldest daughter, a mother will do anything to keep her two youngest children from being taken by social services.

The Christmas Tree Farm Murders - An elderly couple in southwest Washington disappeared hours before they were due to host a Christmas party at their home. It took detectives twenty-seven years to bring the killer to justice.

They Got in the Way - A single mother of two young children would do absolutely anything to spend more time meeting sex partners online. Even the unthinkable.

The Girl Scout - When a seven-year-old girl disappears from her upstairs bedroom in the middle of the night, a small community realizes they have a devious predator in their midst.

Plus, many more disturbing stories.

The stories in this volume are terrifying and represent human behavior at its absolute worst. Pure evil. However, these things really happen in the world, and we shouldn't ignore that fact. We may never understand what goes on in a killer's mind, but at least we can be better informed.

We may never really understand what goes on inside the mind of a killer, but at least by studying the case histories and knowing their backstory, we might gain insight into what makes them tick. With any luck, we can learn from the past.

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Included in this volume: John Taylor, Leanne Tiernan, Mary Rowles, Alice Jenkins, Ricky Riffe, John Riffe, Ed and Minnie Maurin, Lianne Smith, Martin Smith, David Alan Westerfield, Danielle van Dam, Brooke Crews, William Hoehn, Savanna Greywind, Dee Casteel, Alan Bryant, Mike Irvine, William Rhodes, Art Venecia, Bessie Fischer, Frank Jarvis Atwood, Vicki Lynne Hoskinson, Louise Porton, Christopher Hightower, Ernest, Alice, and Emily Brendel, Rob Petrick, Janine Sutphen, Ezra McCandless, Alex Woodworth.
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