Black History According to God's Word (Hardcover)

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By Razor
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This book asserts that Black History began with Adam's creation, as revealed in the inspired word of God. Pastor Razor explores scriptural indications of a predominantly black global population and traces migratory paths from Eden, demonstrating the vital role of Black People in establishing civilization. Beyond scripture, the book integrates insights from respected scientists. It concludes by emphasizing the significance of this knowledge for believers, offering a comprehensive resource for classrooms, churches, and conferences. Each enlightening chapter unveils the pivotal role of Black People in God's plan for the world, making it an essential read for all, particularly those of faith.

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ISBN: 9781953163899
ISBN-10: 1953163890
Publisher: S.H.E. Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: January 1st, 2024
Pages: 136
Language: English