The Freight Broker Book: A 21st Century Training Guide to Running a Successful Freight Brokerage Business Startup From Scratch (Paperback)

The Freight Broker Book: A 21st Century Training Guide to Running a Successful Freight Brokerage Business Startup From Scratch By Forrest Rhodes Cover Image
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Are you interested in working from home by starting a profitable freight brokerage business? Do you want a done-for-you guide from start to finish that brings you closer to your dream of becoming a successful freight broker? If this is you, then read on...

In today's world, the freight brokerage industry is growing continuously and it is very rewarding to become a freight broker if you build upon the right foundation. For instance, a freight broker can profit anywhere between 10% and 35% per any shipment they handle. Starting out at first could fetch you around $100 to $500 per shipment. Upon building professional networks and having some solid experience to go with it, you could earn as much as $5,175 for every shipment. Multiplying this value with the number of shipments handled per day can be astonishing

However, the reason most new freight brokers fail to succeed is that they lack proper knowledge and understanding of the business and what they hope to achieve. Before commencing a new freight brokerage business, you have to take into account several factors, one of which is getting educated. This is likely the most critical factor to consider when starting your brokerage business. The key to success is knowledge and to be successful, you must be well-informed about the freight moving industry. Asides from knowledge, you must be ready to build your network of shippers and carriers, as well as being ready to take on any financial obligations of the business, and several others

The reason why I have written this book, The Freight Broker Book, is to demystify the complexities you will face as a new freight broker and to educate you on the ins and out of how to run a successful freight brokerage business from start to finish.

Below is a snippet of what you will learn;

  • How to get the right training and experience to aid your journey to become a freight broker.
  • Choosing the right legal framework for your business.
  • How to develop a solid business plan that attracts investors and for easy access to loans.
  • Finding carriers and shippers for your business.
  • The essential paperwork and documentation to maintain and key points to note while at it such as carrier-broker agreement, bill of lading, load confirmation, rate agreement, etc.
  • Fulfilling the legal requirements to function as a freight broker such as your operating authority, processing agents, surety bond or trust fund, etc.
  • How to narrow down your target market audience for the best possible results in your business.
  • How to operate your business smoothly and get it going as well as handling problems you will encounter.

And a whole lot more

This book, written in an easy-to-understand style with little to no technical jargon is a must-have for every freight broker, especially if you are justing starting out.

So, what more are you waiting for?

To get started in running a profitable freight brokerage business from the comfort of your home, simply get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW

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