Basics of Polymers, Volume II: Instrumental Methods of Testing (Paperback)

Basics of Polymers, Volume II: Instrumental Methods of Testing By Muralisrinivasan Subramanian Cover Image
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Basics of Polymer, Volume II, demonstrates the scope of polymer testing.

In addition, it introduces versatile methods of testing equipment effectively and clearly. In recent years, polymer testing has been extensively developed. Its utility has also been explored in detail, and areas of its practical application in the polymer industry have been added.

Polymers, with their macromolecules, undergo a wide variety of phase changes during their processing. Due to this, the author discusses these important, useful, and instrumental techniques aimed at improving the quality of products. This book introduces the exceptionally promising instrumental methods that are of interest and relevance to technologists. Students interested in various aspects of instrumental techniques will also find the book useful. The instrumental techniques are discussed along with their possible applications to polymers. Looking to the future, it might be said that instrumental techniques will be, and should be, the methods for further research and study.

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ISBN: 9781949449013
ISBN-10: 1949449017
Publisher: Momentum Press
Publication Date: February 13th, 2019
Pages: 172
Language: English