The Pilgrim's Progress: A Readable Modern-Day Version of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress (Revised and easy-to-read) (Paperback)

The Pilgrim's Progress: A Readable Modern-Day Version of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress (Revised and easy-to-read) By Alan Vermilye, John Bunyan Cover Image
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The most readable version of Pilgrim's Progress available

Reading The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan can be a bit challenging even for the best of readers. Not so with this new, easy-to-read version that translates the original archaic language into simple conversational English allowing readers of all ages to easily navigate the most popular Christian allegory of all time.

The story chronicles the epic adventure of a man named Christian who leaves his home in the City of Destruction and begins a life-long quest to the Celestial City. Set against the backdrop of a hazardous journey, this powerful drama unfolds as Christian's adventures lead him into fascinating lands and encounters with interesting people who either help or hinder his progress along a narrow way. With a gallery of memorable characters and visits to colorful places, Bunyan's allegorical narrative describes one man's extraordinary adventure on his journey to faith.

Without losing any faithfulness to the original text, now you can read Bunyan's timeless classic and reimagine this famous quest that has challenged and encouraged believers for centuries.

The book includes the original Bible references and a Bible study guide is available separately for individual and small group use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the book unabridged?

Yes. The most important consideration was to convert the original, archaic language into simple conversational English without losing any faithfulness to Bunyan's text. When compared to the original version, you will find no key element missing. What you will find is sentence construction and certain interpretations of character reactions modified or enhanced to produce a more contemporary style of expression without sacrificing the intrinsic message. Also, instead of using the antiquated term "stages" to separate book sections, you will find chapter headings and subdivisions.

Does this book include Part 1 and Part 2?

This book only includes Part 1 of The Pilgrim's Progress which chronicles the journey of Christian to the Celestial City. Part 2 chronicles the journey of his wife and children and is not included in this book.

What age group is the book for?

The book is appropriate for all readers 12 and up and is a favorite of renowned authors such as Charles Spurgeon, C.S. Lewis, John Newton, George Whitefield, and many others.

Is there a Bible study?

Yes. The Pilgrim's Progress Study Guide, available separately, will guide you through Bunyan's masterful use of metaphors to a better understanding of key concepts of the book, supporting Bible passages, and the relevance to our world today. Each study question is ideal for group discussion and answers to each question are available online.

Can I use other book versions with the study?

No. Although, there are many versions of this Bunyan classic, this version is the only book made specifically for this study. Each chapter, sub section, and study question of both the book and study guide are designed to be used with each other. Other book versions will feel drastically different and not match up with the study questions and format of this study.

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