Personal Accountability and POWER: How Contractors Can Build a Stronger Safety Culture (Paperback)

Personal Accountability and POWER: How Contractors Can Build a Stronger Safety Culture By Tom Esch Cover Image
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Strong safety culture is built upon great communication. Great communicators take full responsibility for their words and actions, even when they fail, and use their power to influence others skillfully. How often do you see people not taking full responsibility or unconsciously misusing their seniority in your company? What is the impact on your workers, your profitability and your safety record? Former-Catholic-priest turned-communication-consultant, Tom Esch, shares his insights into why power is so easy to misuse and how to improve the communication skills of your people.

Tom Esch has inspired over 25,000 leaders to become more effective communicators and to live with a bolder level of personal accountability. He has been the prime consultant for many construction companies interested in developing powerful leaders. Tom has two master's degrees: one in Conflict Resolution and Organizational Development and the other in Theology from the University of Notre Dame. He is a former Catholic priest. Tom's company helps contractors build their business while preventing serious injuries by improving the communication capacities of their leaders. This book is a culmination of 25 years of training, consulting and coaching people from a variety of cultures and all walks of life. Tom Esch is President of Esch Consulting, LLC based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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ISBN: 9781946637215
ISBN-10: 1946637211
Publisher: Bdi Publishers
Publication Date: January 28th, 2021
Pages: 160
Language: English