Holy Bible New Darby Version (Paperback)

Holy Bible New Darby Version By Mark Vedder, John Nelson Darby (Created by) Cover Image
By Mark Vedder, John Nelson Darby (Created by)
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The New Darby Version combines one of the best translations made in the English language (1884) with the ease of modern speaking. The distinctions made between using you (plural) and thou (singular) are still there; the pronouns are marked for you. In fact, nothing has been changed except vocabulary words; the New Darby Version is as precisely like his original as possible. It is available for reproduction in large parts as only the copyright for the publication of the whole is retained. John Nelson Darby's translation combines a breathtakingly accurate rendition combined with easy readability and beauty; it is a copy that you will find yourself reaching for again and again. Suitable for study, leisure reading, or public forums, this edition is neither a scan nor a copy; it is a word-for-word transcription and the result of years of work. The purist who loves JND's archaic version can flip to the Appendix and find a list of every single word that has been changed. The only thing this edition lacks (stay tuned though) is Darby's footnotes; however it does have the most complete collection of his Bible introductions ever published in English. To present as comfortable a read as possible in one volume, the Old Testament is in nicely sized 9-point, and the New Testament has a generous 10-point type. Darby's translated directly from the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek without depending on a 'critical text' (a particular work presenting the best possible combination of variant readings) in a day when this demanded actually going and visiting each manuscript where it was being held. His Greek prowess was legendary, and there are many passages in the New Testament where the sense given in his translation is still head and shoulders above the rest . . . after 130 years. Reluctant to displace the King James Version in his day, he held back from publishing the Bible in English until near the end of his life; his German and French translations are landmarks. This translation comes very highly recommended by those who read as a daily habit and require a translation that both conveys the beauty of scripture and the precision of meaning.

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Publisher: Mark Vedder
Publication Date: June 7th, 2016
Pages: 760
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