Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach (Paperback)

Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach By Donald a. McQuarrie, John D. Simon Cover Image
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As the first modern physical chemistry textbook to cover quantum mechanics before thermodynamics and kinetics, this book provides a contemporary approach to the study of physical chemistry. By beginning with quantum chemistry, students will learn the fundamental principles upon which all modern physical chemistry is built. The text includes a special set of "MathChapters" to review and summarize the mathematical tools required to master the material Thermodynamics is simultaneously taught from a bulk and microscopic viewpoint that enables the student to understand how bulk properties of materials are related to the properties of individual constituent molecules. This new text includes a variety of modern research topics in physical chemistry as well as hundreds of worked problems and examples.Translated into French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Polish.
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ISBN: 9781940380216
ISBN-10: 1940380219
Publisher: University Science Books
Publication Date: August 7th, 2023
Pages: 1360
Language: English