Explorations: An Open Invitation to Biological Anthropology (Paperback)

Explorations: An Open Invitation to Biological Anthropology By Beth Shook (Editor), Katie Nelson (Editor), Kelsie Aguilera (Editor) Cover Image
By Beth Shook (Editor), Katie Nelson (Editor), Kelsie Aguilera (Editor)
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Welcome to Explorations and biological anthropology

Mission Statement: To provide a high-quality introductory biological anthropology textbook that is readable, engaging, and accessible to all students. With chapters written by experienced instructors and subject area specialists, this textbook addresses the question of what it means to be human by exploring the origins, evolution, and diversification of primates, especially that of our species, Homo sapiens.

Anthropology is the study of humanity, in all its biological and cultural aspects, past and present. It is a four-field
discipline comprised of biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology. The
focus of this book is biological anthropology, which explores who we are from biological, evolutionary, and adaptive

We lay the foundation for this inquiry in the first four chapters by introducing the discipline of anthropology,
evolutionary theory, molecular biology and genetics, and the forces of evolution.

An electronic version of this textbook is available free of charge at the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges' webpage here: www.explorations.americananthro.org

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