The Cosmos in Stone: Sacred Geometry of a Master Mason (Paperback)

The Cosmos in Stone: Sacred Geometry of a Master Mason By Tom Bree Cover Image
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This beautiful and groundbreaking book examines the use of sacred geometry and cosmology in Gothic cathedral design. Renowned geometer and lecturer Tom Bree demonstrates how medieval Master Masons combined their knowledge of the practical building arts with ancient cosmological knowledge to endow their constructions with profound spiritual meaning. Wells Cathedral, the focus of this book, was England's first Gothic cathedral, and its design symbolises the soul's cosmic journey from Earth and underworld to the heavens. Bree shows how the medieval Christian fascination with the knowledge of the ancient world laid the foundations for the more recent mythos involving the Templars, Freemasonry and Pyramidology. Packed with rare illustrations and original diagrams, this is a book to treasure.
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ISBN: 9781906069216
ISBN-10: 1906069212
Publisher: Squeeze Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2023
Pages: 432
Language: English