The Limits of Faith: The Failure of Faith-based Religions and the Solution to the Meaning of Life (Hardcover)

The Limits of Faith: The Failure of Faith-based Religions and the Solution to the Meaning of Life Cover Image
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Is faith belief in something without proof? And if so is there never to be any proof or discovery? If so what is the need of intellect? If faith is trust in something that is real is that reality historical, literal or metaphorical or philosophical? If knowledge is an essential element in faith why should there by so much emphasis on believing and not on understanding in the modern practice of religion? This volume is a compilation of essays related to the nature of religious faith in the context of its inception in human history as well as its meaning for religious practice and relations between religions in modern times. Faith has come to be regarded as a virtuous goal in life. However, many people have asked how can it be that an endeavor that is supposed to be dedicated to spiritual upliftment has led to more conflict in human history than any other social factor? Faith-based religion has emerged in modern times as a powerful and dynamic form of social process that affects every human being as well as life in general, the animals, plants and the earth's elements. It relates to the survival of cultures as well as the survival of life itself. Thus it is important to understand what faith is and how it operates in the mind and the process that has ensued to form the world we see today. Therefore, this volume is dedicated to the exploration of history, politics, theology and philosophy in order to comprehend and effectively realize the effects of faith and discover the means to purify faith so as to direct ourselves towards harmony, peace and prosperity for all humanity.
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ISBN: 9781884564628
ISBN-10: 1884564623
Publisher: Sema Institute
Publication Date: July 7th, 2006
Pages: 176
Language: English