Hopeless Aromantic: An Affirmative Guide to Aromanticism (Paperback)

Hopeless Aromantic: An Affirmative Guide to Aromanticism By Samantha Rendle Cover Image
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If you've picked up this book, the chances are you have some doubts about your Happiness 101 assignment sheet. True love; candlelit dinners; 2.1 children; joint bank accounts - The One? It might make you want to a run a mile - or you might just have a few big questions.
Aromanticism is defined as experiencing little to no romantic attraction to others. Sam Rendle, onetime aromantic asexual, sometime aroaceflux, and present-day label unspecified, knows a thing or two about the aro spectrum - and she has some answers for you.
You'll explore what aromanticism is, how aromantic people form relationships, how to know if you're aromantic and deal with internalised shame and societal stigma. With a history of aromantic representation, guidance on queerplatonic relationships, and testimony from your worldwide aro family - this is the affirmatory aro companion to have in your back pocket.

About the Author

Samantha Rendle is a mental health activist and writer. She has written for Metro and appeared on PinkNews, BBC Radio Berkshire and AUREA, discussing aromanticism. She runs a popular YouTube channel on aromanticism with over 3000 subscribers and promotes her work via Twitter and Instagram. She is based in Wales.
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ISBN: 9781839973673
ISBN-10: 1839973676
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: July 21st, 2023
Pages: 176
Language: English