Bedtime Stories: A Collection of Meditation Stories to Help Children Fall Asleep Fast, Learn Mindfulness, and Thrive, Storybook (Paperback)

Bedtime Stories: A Collection of Meditation Stories to Help Children Fall Asleep Fast, Learn Mindfulness, and Thrive, Storybook By Volley Madonna Cover Image
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Our world is an increasingly fast-paced one in which there are many demands on our time and for our attention. Many families find that their children are growing increasingly disconnected from them and from other relationships in their lives as technology plays a more and more central part in their day and in their life.

Bedtime Stories is a book that was written in order to help you to alleviate this disconnect between your child and the people around them, improving their relationship with you, other family members, and the other people in their life.

Each story in Bedtime Stories was written to be engaging, approachable, and connectible to your child and your child's life experiences.

By purchasing Bedtime Stories and making it a regular part of your nightly routine, you will increase your child's mindfulness, improve their relationships with others, and build a stronger, steadier, and more deeply fulfilling relationship between the two of you. You will find your child begging for these stories night after night.

Bedtime Stories includes help on forming questions to ask your child that encourages them to share their thoughts and their ideas, contains prompts on how to ask questions to get your child to open up and to truly think about themselves and others, and is filled with stories that had personalized follow-up questions for you to ask that will guide conversations between you and your child.

Relationships are crucial to our lives, from the relationships we have as we go through school to the relationships we develop as adults, and including the relationships that we have with the people that we work every day with. Be starting to build an understanding of relationships at an early age, and furnishing your child with the tools that will allow them to be mindful, engaged, and active members in those relationships, you are giving your child a powerful foundation for them to grow on for the rest of their life.

Bedtime Stories include stories in both the fiction and the non-fiction genres that will appeal to children of any gender or age. With the pages of this book, you will find stories like:

  • a baby sloth who loves to take naps with his mother and his father
  • a younger brother who realizes that, when his older brother makes it onto the football team and has daily practices, he has lost his buddy and daily playmate
  • a story about two dinosaurs who are best friends and then a new dinosaur moves into town and is in their class
  • a family of three (a mother and two children) who live in an apartment in a busy city
  • two unicorns who are unhappy with the way that they look and they meet a stranger in the forest who says he can change them
  • two best friends who begin to write to one another after one of them moves away when a parent gets a job promotion

and many, many more stories for you and your child to read together and to talk about

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Publication Date: October 3rd, 2020
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