Dare to Discover Your Purpose: Retire, Refire, Rewire (Paperback)

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GEORGE JERJIAN is a mindset mentor, author, and speaker who retired after being given just six months to live by his doctor. Thankfully, the diagnosis was wrong and as soon as he could, he "unretired" and set to work, helping his tribe of baby boomers do the same.

George has a business degree from Bradford University in England and a master's degree in journalism from New York University. He has been in business for over 40 years, working as a Chartered Marketer, a partner in US commercial real estate, and a financial adviser. He has authored 10 books, is an Emmy award-winning producer, a Distinguished Toastmaster, and founder of Retirement Rebellion.

"Winston Churchill was just hitting his stride in his mid-sixties when he was elected Prime Minister of Great Britain and led the Allied Forces into WW2. Colonel Sanders, at the age of 65, began franchising KFC using his first Social Security check. Dare to Discover Your Purpose provides the mindset blueprint required to kickstart your so-called "retirement" years into high gear."
Bob Proctor, Bestselling Author of You Were Born Rich, Toronto, Canada

"Jerjian's unique book can help retirees discover their life 'purpose.' His DARE method guides retiring boomers to delve into their hearts and minds to create a blueprint for a new life of purpose and passion in the third age of life. This book can help reframe retirement and transform obstacles into opportunities."
Ken Dychtwald, PhD, author of What Retirees Want and Radical Curiosity, Orinda, CA, USA

"You can retire from work, but you can't retire from life. George Jerjian explains the vital importance of having purpose in later life and how to find it."
Maggy Pigott, CBE, Author of How to Age Joyfully: Eight Steps to a Happier, Fuller Life, London, UK

"If you didn't tiptoe through most of your life, why would you 'tiptoe to a quiet death'? It's the fundamental question George Jerjian asks all of us to consider as he challenges us to re-evaluate what it means to live life with hope, optimism, and empowerment. We all should dare to live Jerjian's rebellious retirement."
Peter Kaldes, President & CEO, American Society on Aging, San Francisco, CA, USA

"George Jerjian is a rebel with a cause. His cause is to awaken and inspire mid-lifers so they can prepare for the next stage of life. His key point is that every individual has the power to create a future that works for them, where they can flourish and prosper. But this will not just drop in your lap, it takes willingness and work. I commend George's work to you, so read this book, and get started on your journey of the rest of your life."
Hunter Leonard, Bestselling Author, Founder Silver & Wise, Sydney, Australia

To meet George Jerjian in person is one of life's great treats, but if you can't meet him personally, this little book of his will recharge the batteries of your life and change the way you think and behave. Wherever you go, you will create value and the planet will be a better place as a result.
Professor Malcolm McDonald MA(Oxon) MSc PhD DLitt DSc,
Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University School of Management, UK

"George Jerjian's DARE method maps why and how to 'unretire' and provides the tools to help you find your own unique purpose."
Martin Hyde, Associate Professor of Gerontology, Swansea University, UK
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