Historical Perspectives on Dance in Africa (Hardcover)

Historical Perspectives on Dance in Africa By Ofosuwa M. Abiola Cover Image
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Embedded within the dances of Africa are repositories of historical narratives, invaluable insights on the mindset of ancient and contemporary peoples, and revelations and budding hints of developing cultural phenomena. Such information greatly contributes to and facilitates deeper understanding of undeciphered African artifacts. It informs diverse disciplines, including African history, African studies, world history, among other fields. Uncovering previously unknown artifacts is futile if their meaning continues to be a mystery. Historical Perspectives on Dance in Africa introduces students, scholars, and the general public to previously under-researched African dances and their meanings, and the cultural history that gave birth to them.

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ISBN: 9781733357111
ISBN-10: 1733357114
Publisher: Intelligentsia Press
Publication Date: August 24th, 2019
Pages: 134
Language: English