Ghosts Of America 17 - The House My Sister Rented (Paperback)

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These are true ghost stories told by people from all over America and include: - ''All of a sudden in the distance, my headlights caught a really dark figure of a man, just standing in the center on my lane. I stopped the car. He slowly walked up to the car...''- ''Jason had his hand on the regular front door. Then something hit that front door he was in front of so hard the whole house and porch shook violently...''- ''I unlocked and walked up. I felt a feeling that I was still not alone, so I called out again. With no response, I...''- ''I was getting ready to respond when he suddenly turned around and started walking away. '' He then stopped and turned around and said ''Do not end up like me and die a lonely old man...''- ''It is haunted by Mrs. C who was murdered by her husband in the early 1920s. She is gentle and generally quiet. Every night she made a walk from what was her bedroom...'' The stories in this book is a small selection of all the stories on our site
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Publication Date: April 20th, 2018
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