Keep Swinging: A Memoir of Politics and Justice (Hardcover)

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The story of how the son of a coal laborer of limited means fueled his journey to becoming a successful business man and politician through self-drive and a desire for change and the betterment of his country.

Joseph L. Bruno is a small town American success story.  As the son of immigrants, he worked his way out of Depression-era Glens Falls, NY, served in the United States Army in Korea, and as the leader of the Senate Republicans in New York, became one of the three most powerful men in the state. During his fourteen years in the Senate, he forged coalitions, achieved compromises, and brought together feuding legislative factions for the common good.

Senator Bruno represents a rare form of politician, one who knows that when the race is over, you have to shake hands with your opponent and govern, in order to provide a better quality of life for the people you represent.

Within these pages you will meet household names like Rudy Giuliani, Russell Simmons, Hillary Clinton, Al D’Amato, Donald Trump and Eliot Spitzer—and see them as you never have before—in the hallways where decisions are made and in behind the scenes conversations amongst friends and opponents.

In this brand new autobiography, Senator Bruno reminds us all that you never know what life has to offer next.  In the face of adversity all you need to do is Keep Swinging.

Features color and black and white photo insert. 


About the Author

Joseph L Bruno served on the campaign staff of governor Nelson Rockefeller (1966), special assistant to speaker of the assembly Perry B. Duryea  (1969-1975), president of the New York State Association of young republicans  ( 1968- 1969) , Chairman of rensselaer county republican committee (1974-1977), member of the New York State Senate (1977- 2008) ,  majority leader of New York State Senate (1994- 2008), minor league baseball stadium in Troy, NY, the Joseph L. Bruno stadium named after the senator,  honorary degrees  and doctorates from 7 universities. 

He splits his time with his beloved partner Kay in Troy, New York and Palm Beach, Florida

Praise For…

“Filled with unvarnished memories, both high and low, using boxing metaphors and elegant moving poetry, Joe gives you here a sprint through the life of a great and decent man. Savor it and learn from it.”
— Judge Andrew P. Napolitano Senior Judicial Analyst, Fox News
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ISBN: 9781682613023
ISBN-10: 168261302X
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication Date: November 29th, 2016
Pages: 304
Language: English