Duel in the Deep: The Hunters, the Hunted, and a High Seas Fight to the Finish (Hardcover)

Duel in the Deep: The Hunters, the Hunted, and a High Seas Fight to the Finish By David L. Sears Cover Image
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In Autumn 1943 the Battle of the Atlantic, World War II's longest seagoing campaign, reached a new crescendo. Anti-submarine aircraft and ships using new tactics, technologies, and weaponry dominated a seascape where German U-boats once ruled supreme. But then unexpectedly, in eerie, mid-ocean darkness, an elemental hull-to-deck, sailor-to-submariner duel erupted.

On Halloween Eve, U.S. Navy destroyer Borie, an outmoded, thin-skinned "tin can" of World War I vintage, set out alone to track down an elusive U-boat. Borie had thus far toiled in the war's backwaters, her crew of young reservists anxious to prove its mettle.

When Borie trapped U-405 on the surface, that chance arrived. As Borie's deck guns unleashed withering fire and U-405's skipper angled his submarine to launch torpedoes, Borie's young skipper--a salesman in civilian life--resorted to the original (and once the only) means of sinking a submarine: ramming, full speed ahead, consequences be damned. Borie's slashing collision with U-405 ignited a swashbuckling, no-holds-barred brawl of cannons, machine guns, small arms, and even knives and spent shell casings. In the wreckage-strewn aftermath, desperate sailors on both sides fought for survival in a heaving, frigid, unforgiving sea. Duel in the Deep weaves together high-stakes strategy and lethal gamesmanship with poignant human backstories, pounding air/surface/subsurface action, epic heroism, and wrenching sacrifice.

A former U.S. Navy officer and "tin can" veteran--now a seasoned, widely published and highly acclaimed military historian--portrays a rousing high-seas showdown reminiscent of fighting in the age of sail.

About the Author

David Sears is a New Jersey-based author of four book-length military history narratives: The Last Epic Naval Battle, At War with the Wind, Such Men as These, and Pacific Air. Sears is a frequent contributor to print publications focused on aviation history, naval history, military history, and veteran affairs. His early career included service as a U.S. Navy line officer. This author's subsequent business career included: industrial relations positions with the Cities of San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR; and human resources executive positions with the New York Times Company and Dow Jones & Company.
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