Scapegoat CO2: A plea for a vital gas (Paperback)

Scapegoat CO2: A plea for a vital gas By Markus O. Häring Cover Image
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Climate change is the greatest danger in the history of humankind. "We have never before faced such a challenge." Ban Ki-Moon, then-Secretary General of the United Nations, issued this warning ahead of the 2015 Paris Climate Summit. In fact, he said, climate change could become a threat to humanity wherever we had forgotten to respect the unpredictability of nature, whether in the colonization of flood-prone regions or in the unscrupulous use of natural resources such as fossil fuels. Both of these developments call for well-considered remedial action. However, this does not imply the threat of a climate catastrophe which, in all likelihood, will never occur as a result of human activity.From a calm, rational perspective, Dr. Markus O. H ring has shown that while carbon dioxide has the greenhouse effect attributed to it, it is first and foremost an indispensable component for all life on Earth. At the moment this vital gas was designated a "pollutant", respectable scientific debate on the CO2 question was effectively abandoned. On the basis of this false pretext, measures have been justified that lead to other environmental burdens instead of well thought-out solutions. This book points the way back to a prudent, reasoned environmental policy, without doomsday scenarios and without the sorts of medieval-style indulgences that only serve to satisfy particular interests.
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Publication Date: December 17th, 2019
Pages: 186
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