The PARA Method: Simplify, Organize, and Master Your Digital Life (Hardcover)

The PARA Method: Simplify, Organize, and Master Your Digital Life By Tiago Forte Cover Image
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This accessible guide expands upon the “well-written, cogent, and useful” (David Allen, author of Getting Things Done) bestselling Building a Second Brain with actionable advice on how to improve your digital life in just a few minutes.

Living a modern life requires juggling a ton of information. But we were never taught how to manage this information effectively so that we can find what we need when we need it. In The PARA Method, Tiago Forte outlines a simple and intuitive four-step system that will help us sort all the information flooding our brains into four major categories—Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives—allowing us to manage our commitments while achieving our goals and dreams.

-Projects are specific, short-term efforts that you are actively working on with a certain goal in mind, such as completing a website or renovating your bathroom.
-Areas are the larger, ongoing areas of responsibility (health, finances, etc.) that encompass those specific projects.
-Resources include content on a range of topics you’re interested in or that could be useful for your projects and areas.
-Archives include anything from the previous three categories that is now inactive, but you want to save for future reference.

With his easy-to-understand and engaging voice, Forte outlines his best practices and tips on how to successfully implement PARA, along with deep dives on everything from how to adopt habits to stay organized to how to use this system to enhance your focus. The PARA Method can be implemented in just seconds but has the power to transform the trajectory of your work and life using the power of digital organization.

About the Author

Tiago Forte is one of the world’s foremost experts on productivity and has taught thousands of people around the world how timeless principles and the latest technology can revolutionize their productivity, creativity, and personal effectiveness. He has worked with organizations such as Genentech, Toyota Motor Corporation, and the Inter-American Development Bank, and appeared in a variety of publications, such as The New York TimesThe Atlantic, and Harvard Business Review. He is the author of Building a Second Brain and The PARA Method. Find out more at
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Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
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