Marine Ecology for the Non-Ecologist (Paperback)

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The title says it all.

For years the only books available for anyone who has an interest in marine ecology have laid in the realms of the academic texts. Fantastic books indeed, however, there are none that bring the real ecology of the coastal environments to the general public.

For the first time, this fascinating topic has been described in a way that anyone who loves the marine coastal environment, can not only understand but really enjoy, in an easy to read, informative text.

The book describes the different habitats found mainly around the coastline of the earth and how as species the animals exploit each individual habitat to form the ecosystems we see today. In this book, we explore and discover what exactly ecology is, the physical aspects and biological processes of ecology. Then we dissect the rocky coast, the sandy shore, the estuaries, the saltmarsh, the mangroves, and the coral reefs. Complete with 29 diagrams and illustrations.

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about the life under the waves, amateur naturalists, conservationists, divers and snorkelers, and is often used as a steppingstone for those about embark in the next chapter of their life, as a student of marine biology.



SOFT-BODIED ANIMALS - THE CNIDARIANS: jellyfish, hydroids, anemones, soft corals, stony corals.
SHELLFISH - THE MOLLUSCS: gastropods, mesogastropods, archeogastropods, neogastropods, nudibranchs (sea slugs) bivalves, cephalopods, squids, cuttlefish and octopi.
ANIMALS WITH EXOSKELETONS - THE CRUSTACEANS: decapods, crabs, lobsters and shrimps, barnacles.
ANIMALS WITH SPINY SKINS - THE ECHINODERMS: starfish, brittle stars, urchins, sea cucumbers.
CORAL REEF ARCHITECTURE: how they are made.
MARINE INVERTEBRATE TOXINS: the deadly seaweed of Hana, shellfish poisoning. Ciguatera, cone shells, sea snakes, venomous fish.
HYDROTHERMAL VENTS AND VENT BIOLOGY: the discovery, the physical environment, vent biology.


Amazing facts and explanations from the wonderful worlds of:

Marine Biology, Marine Ecology and Oceanography

THE OCEAN: Its one body of water and its amazing.
THE PLANKTON: You can't see most of them, just wait till you hear about them, life giving yet deadly and silent.
LOCOMOTION AND MIGRATIONS: From the slow to the super speed, its all a matter of life and death. Going on holiday and why No waiting in an airport and no sat nav either.
FEEDING: Fine dining to fluid only, no table manners here.
REPRODUCTION AND LIFE SPANS: Passing on that DNA or just making a copy, mind blowing activities and strategies. Life from hours to 100s of years, who was swimming 500 years ago.
HOUSING: One of the biggest shortages to hit the ocean life, real estate. We answer the immortal question- who lives in a house like this.
RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN SPECIES: Who helps who and why, or parasites to suck you dry.
WHATS GOING TO KILL YOU? You don't want to meet these, eating one is deadly too
POLLUTION AND DESTRUCTION: The solution to pollution is dilution, a saying originating from the 1960s. Only now the ocean is full up.


An educational journal

A journal for the marine biology student, not a book full of empty pages but each page has a fact that every marine biology student know.. An ideal present for the future marine biologist.
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