Halloween: Life of the Party (Paperback)

Halloween: Life of the Party By Dick Durland Cover Image
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Need inspiration for your next Halloween get-together? With all its delightfully demonic minutia on full display, this exceptionally detailed compilation delivers the goods Brimming with creatively conceived unique ideas, Halloween: Life of the Party takes the reader on an excursion through a state-of-the-art All Hallows' Eve habitat where the most unusual of offerings abound.

To open the front cover is to pass through a veritable portal, placing all senses on alert as they become simultaneously challenged through extraordinary means. "With orange-tinted lighting, a hint of fog all about, and an unfamiliar aroma in the air, eyes widen and necks strain to marvel at a seemingly endless array of oddities. An occasional cobweb is brushed aside as the deliberately dimmed lighting assists in blurring the line between reality and that which now confronts invited guests. While most would say they've become visually impaired, we respectfully disagree claiming our heavily Halloween-themed-party environment is just now coming into focus."

Indeed, there's a lot to gather in as one roams from chamber to chamber. And what exactly will be taking place on this spookiest of nights in these most surreal of settings? Step in and take a look at what's been conjured up as this truly one of a kind collection of Halloween-based concepts springs to virtual life. Featuring a highly customized, meticulously arranged playlist, contributions include sections on props (selection and presentation), decor, illusions, games (old and new), prizes, special effects (visual, audio, and extra-sensory), food, drink, invitations--EVERYTHING to drive the "life of the party "

Product Details
ISBN: 9781648011924
ISBN-10: 1648011926
Publisher: Newman Springs
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2020
Pages: 126
Language: English