Critical Thinking & Socratic Questioning Mastery - 2 Books In 1: How To Get The Right Answers And Build Wise Arguments (Paperback)

Critical Thinking & Socratic Questioning Mastery - 2 Books In 1: How To Get The Right Answers And Build Wise Arguments By Thinknetic Cover Image
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Do you want to get to the truth of all matters and build stronger arguments? All it takes is thinking and questioning, but it's not so easy...

Did you know that you have about 6,200 thoughts a day?

"Brain Meta-States Transitions Demarcate Tasks Across Contexts," a 2020 study by Queen's University on how new thoughts emerge, showed that your brain is a powerhouse, generating thousands of ideas a day.

Most of these are random impressions, many half-forgotten before fully formed. Others will be memories of the past or wish projection into the future; neither are extraordinary intellectual feats as they feed off of self-knowledge.

But what about information that comes from external sources?

Even though we are more informed than ever, many seem to have lost or never acquired the ability to assess the information they receive critically.

Fake news has reached such epidemic proportions that, according to Statistica, only 26 percent of Americans think they could recognize a fake news story. Worse, as much as 90 percent of Americans pass on fake news unintentionally.

This doesn't have to be you, and that's what this book is here for.

Critical Thinking & Socratic Questioning Mastery will help you develop critical thinking skills and employ logical principles to resolve the tough life questions you may have.

This book bundle includes:

  1. The Critical Thinking Effect: Uncover the Secrets Of Thinking Critically And Telling Facts From Fiction
  2. The Socratic Way Of Questioning: How To Use Socrates' Method To Discover The Truth And Argue Wisely

Here are just a few of the key points covered in Critical Thinking & Socratic Questioning Mastery:

  • The Socratic Method - what it is and how it makes people answer your questions, even if they seem resistant

  • The 10 deadly sins of logic - how many are you guilty of?

  • The 7 techniques for creating questions that get you to the truth

  • Why you don't really "know" anything until you put it through these tests

  • How to spot a liar (hint: it isn't in the eyes)

  • The 10 brain twisters that tie your thinking up in knots

  • "He said, she said" 8 ways to determine the reliability and reputation of any source

  • Why not all news is "good" news and how to spot the fakes

....and much, much more

The 21st century will see information become more valuable than oil or gold. At a time rife with misinformation, agenda-pushing, and deep fake technology, don't you want to evaluate the information you encounter in your daily life accurately?

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the wise, learning to ask the right questions and think critically, click "Add To Cart" now

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