Truth and Traceability in Physics and Metrology (Iop Concise Physics) (Paperback)

Truth and Traceability in Physics and Metrology (Iop Concise Physics) By Michael Grabe Cover Image
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Metrological data is known to be blurred by the imperfections of the measuring process. In retrospect, for about two centuries regular or constant errors were no focal point of experimental activities, only irregular or random error were. Today's notation of unknown systematic errors is in line with this. Confusingly enough, the worldwide practiced approach to belatedly admit those unknown systematic errors amounts to consider them as being random, too. This book discusses a new error concept dispensing with the common practice to randomize unknown systematic errors. Instead, unknown systematic errors will be treated as what they physically are- namely as constants being unknown with respect to magnitude and sign. The ideas considered in this book issue a proceeding steadily localizing the true values of the measurands and consequently traceability.
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ISBN: 9781643270937
ISBN-10: 1643270931
Publisher: Iop Concise Physics
Publication Date: October 5th, 2018
Pages: 81
Language: English
Series: Iop Concise Physics