Baseball: Baseball Strategies: The Top 100 Best Ways To Improve Your Baseball Game (Paperback)

Baseball: Baseball Strategies: The Top 100 Best Ways To Improve Your Baseball Game By Ace McCloud Cover Image
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Are you tired of striking out, getting weak hits or failing to make that crucial play on the field?

Whether you want to (1) hit better, (2) play your position like a pro, or (3) master the game, this book will get you there.

Do your teammates grumble when it's your turn to bat?

Discover the three things that you can do to shore up your weak areas, boost your strengths, and equip yourself to play at your very best each and every time you hit the field. From physical exercises designed to strengthen your arms and body to mental tips that will keep your mind in the game, the proven strategies in this book will help you to improve your overall playing ability

Use the same techniques that the pro's use to improve your swing.

Boost your batting average by improving each of the four stages of your swing. By adopting the specific tactics in this book you can revolutionize your at-bats and start driving in runs and getting on base with much more frequency.

Increase your enjoyment of the game.

Baseball is so much more enjoyable when you know exactly what to do in key areas of the game. Discover all the specific tactics that you can use for your position on the field, so that you can react instantly when the time arises.

What Will You Learn About Baseball?

  • How to get highly motivated and totally prepared for game day.
  • How to execute, identify, and hit the five basic pitches of the game.
  • The best ways to train for increased strength, speed, balance, and skill.
  • Position specific tactics that help you win games.
  • The key nutrients that help you play better.

You Will Also Discover:

  • 17 strategies to help you prepare mentally for the game.
  • Detailed explanations of baseball specific exercises, drills and improvement strategies.
  • The key nutrients that help you play better.
  • How to plan and implement all three phases of your training program.
  • How to get the perfect baseball swing.

Recapture the fun and excitement of baseball while having more fun and playing better than you ever thought possible.

Approach the diamond with confidence and enjoy the sounds of the cheering crowd.

Get in the zone and start crushing it at the plate and on the field: Buy It Now

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ISBN: 9781640480063
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Publication Date: March 14th, 2017
Pages: 42
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